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There is nothing more valuable for Astican than the opinion of its customers. They are the motor of the company and thanks to their opinions we improve.

Our main objective is to have happy and satisfied customers, that come to our shipyard secure and confident that we will solve your problems.

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down, so now more than ever we want to know what the customer wants, what they care about and what they need, so that we can understand them and provide quick and safe solutions.

We wanted to ask our customers how Covid-19 has affected them in different areas during works carried out at ours such as time, repair costs, service by third parties, security…. etc. And we have found out that 92.3% say that this situation has not affected them in the project completion time, 84.6% believe that the cost of repair has not been affected and regarding logistics and the necessary spare parts, 30.76% have noticed a minor deviation.. It is pointed out that “All ASTICAN employees wore appropriate PPE and maintained social distancing. They also refrained from any unnecessary contact with Ship´s staff and also maintained recognised COVID-19 best practices”.

Thanks to all of you who send us your comments!