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This month Astican has taken its work team out from the office to celebrate together our annual meeting to encourage team spirit and work among employees through various activities.

We enjoyed a special day in a beautiful location with wonderful views, in Moya, in the north of Gran Canaria.




We were divided into 10 groups from different departments to carry out several activities that we had to solve together, providing solutions, transmitting security, and contributing to trust between us, with a healthy competitiveness and overcome desire.


On this special day we once again showed that Astican is made up of a team of committed, qualified and with a good attitude people... And from time to time, we must remind ourselves of this.

Complicity and team spirit are two of the best things we got from this experience.

We know that working as a team make us improve the working environment in the company, making workers happier and increases productivity considerably.


Many thanks you to all!!