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Sandra Aparicio, 23, student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Castilla la Mancha.

She chose us for doing her internship in the mechanics Workshop.

Sandra, why did you choose Astican for your internship?

“I really wanted to work being focussed on the practical part of my professional career, so I started searching for adequate companies for my objective and I found Astican. I thought that the naval sector was interesting, and I saw that Astican has a good national and international reputation in it”.

How was the welcome and the incorporation?

” I experienced a very close relationship with Human Resources staff upon my arrival which I appreciated very much as I had come concerns about moving to the island, where and with whom I was going to live, the paperworks for the university, etc.. Thanks to their welcome I felt very supported.

Once I joined, the workshop staff treated me also very well; they helped me with the PPE, showed me the installations, the shipyard and how Syncrolift drydocking system works.

I also really enjoyed the welcoming session, I got clearly what each department does within the organization …and how important speaking English language is if I want to work in this sector in the future”.

What are you doing right now in the workshop?

“I am with the mechanics team, and I learn how they work getting close to each work . When they are given the task, they make the study of what the manoeuvre will look like and decide how to carry it out. Once the team is ready, they get down to work, making decisions for the correct operation.

In addition, in the workshop they carry out repairs, I can check drawings plans, and I am learning from all this. I feel that I am always learning because they explain to me what they are going to do, how and why, which helps me to clearly understand each job they are involved in”.

What do you like most about being at Astican?

“The good atmosphere, I am happy, and I am part of a very decisive team. When problems arise, they work together to find a quick and efficient solution and they also make sure that I understand it.

I also like the fact that it is a company with a lot of women with an equal treatment”.

Are the internships meeting your expectations?

“Of course, every day I like it more. You meet people from different countries, and it has opened my vision. I really appreciate everyone´s work at Astican , each worker give their best to carry out the work”.

How are you facing this new course?

“I’m very motivated, I’m looking forward to starting the course and finish it as soon as possible and do a master’s degree, to have internship again, etc.”.

How do you see yourself in the future?

“I don’t know, I had thought about doing car repairs, business management, but now that I am getting to know the naval sector and I really liked it, maybe I will consider working in this sector.

As conclusion, would you like to add anything?

” I have felt very welcome and loved by all the people in the workshop, especially Óliver, Guadalupe, Ezequiel and Fernando. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

Sandra will finish her internship in September, and she will carry with her this enriching experience.

Thanks, Sandra, for your dedication, involvement and motivation!