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Health is something we take for granted, but we do not take care of as we should.

For Astican, workers health is important, for what it promotes and finances initiatives to improve the health and lifestyle of its employees.

Astican is a company culturally rooted in values; healthy employees mean more productive, more engaged, and happier employees.

Health and wellness programs are applied in our company, started from medical service of our company and the human resources department.

Health assessments and wellbeing plans are offered to those who want to reduce their cardiovascular risk or stop smoking, and Healthy Back and Nutrition workshops are offered to improve our diet, incorporating healthy menus in the canteen.

In addition, every week we have fresh fruit that we can include in our breakfasts.

And as exercise is key to physical and mental health, Sports team of paddle tennis, hiking, cycling and running have also been created by workmates with the aim of not only promoting healthy habits, but also fostering interpersonal relationships.

A happy and caring culture at work not only improves employee well-being and productivity but also improved results and customers satisfaction.