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Last week we received four vessels at our facilities, two refrigerated cargo ships: Hai Feng 896 and Gabu Reefer, and two fishing vessels; Dzintarjura and Galleon.
Dzintarjura, 89.34m long, 12.76 wide, 5.37m draft and 1988 Tons and Hai Feng 896, 79.84m long, 12.40 wide, 4.25m draft and 1599Tons, have been both repaired by us several times, and it is a pleasure to have them here again.
On the other hand, and although we do know their Owners, to whom we are grateful for trusting us again, it is the first time that we see Gabu Reefer in our facilities. Their particulars are 2028 Tons, 84m long, 13 m wide, and 4.80 m draft and Galleon 7765 Tons, 120m long, 19 wide, and 6.60 m draft.
We are working on these four drydocked vessels on steel works, tank cleaning, hull treatment, blasting and painting, hull anodes renewal and some more repairs.

We feel, as always, prepared and with the charged energies to face this last quarter of the year, which we expect will be busy months. We are excited to do what we like to do most, which is to take care of our Customers, Shipowners, and their Vessels.