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Astican is a company from the Canary Islands which carries out the repair of ships, oil platforms and floating artefacts. Our staff is one of the keys to our success and in this sense, we place emphasis on talent and strive to have the finest professionals on our team.

1 Plumbing engineering Production En Astican estamos buscando un Ingeniero con experiencia en diseño de tuberías para nuestro depa...
2 Subcontracting technician Subcontracting and Provisioning Ingeniero/a (*) con experiencia en gestión y negociación con contratistas y proveedores para nue...

Oscar Marina - ShipManager

“The most interesting aspect of working at Astican lies in the diversity of projects developed by different professionals sharing the same objective: to offer an excellent service to the client, making a great challenge day by day instead of leaving any space to daily routine.”

Oscar Marina – ShipManager

Manuel Guadalupe - Mechanical

“I joined Astican as an apprentice when I was 15 years old and for over 42 years I have been contributing with my experience in mechanics and maneuvers. I have spent most of my life in the shipyard!”

Manuel Guadalupe – Mechanical

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