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What is happening at Astican this week

This week we have at our facilities the Deck Cargo Barge Smitbarge 12 and an Offshore Supply Ship; Thor Omega . we have been working on hull treatment, steel works, thruster review, manhole covers.

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ASTICAN announces that we have been certified by SGS, verifying ASTICAN as an organization that has protocols in force for the prevention and control of possible health incidents, including COVID-19.
The wellness and health of our customers and staff and their families is our priority.

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OHSAS 18001 was replaced by the new ISO 45001

Delighted to have been certified with the new accreditation the ISO 45001 . At ASTICAN we are committed to protecting our most important asset, our people to drive business excellence. ISO 45001 deals with better practices in the modern world, raising the benchmark...

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Working remotely, responding to covid 19 together

In these difficult days for everyone at Astican we feel very proud of our people and families. We are making a very hard effort to ensure that the work runs with apparent normality, some in remote tele-work and others from our facilities, with the necessary safety and...

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