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The world´s largest high-speed catamaran in ASTICAN

The largest passenger and cargo catamaran ship in the world, Betancuria Express has been first drydocked at Astican premises. It was built in 2011 by Austal in Australia and acquired in 2016 by Fred Olsen S.A.  that  made it  the most comfortable ship of those that...

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Your Feedback matters

There is nothing more valuable for Astican than the opinion of its customers. They are the motor of the company and thanks to their opinions we improve. Our main objective is to have happy and satisfied customers, that come to our shipyard secure and confident that we...

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Our Facility Manager,46 years in Astican

Our dear Facility Manager Alfredo Juan Cabrera, who has a 46-year professional career with Astican has participated in many changes since the beginning; And it is that Mr. Alfredo, as we call him here, was one of those responsible for the construction of the...

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