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As we already announced a month ago, we had pioneering work at our Astican Deepwater Quayside facilities at the Reina Sofía dock, with the largest crane used in the Port of Las Palmas. Able to lift 1,300 tonnes and a 138-meter-long boom that makes lifting a CMC and placing it on top of the drillship tower seem like an easy task. Fortunately, we have the best facilities, and we have the best professionals to carry out this complicated work.

This Crown-Mounted- Compensator allows the vessel to maintain constant offshore drilling pressure and offers passive heave compensation for the drill string, aiming to keep a constant load on the bit while drilling.

This makes them more and more in demand, as it is a way to ensure continuous flow during jobs in the offshore oil industry.


We show you the complete operation in this time-lapse, we hope you enjoy it!