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ASTICAN goes hand in hand with new technology, that is why it offers customers a virtual tool compatible with any device with which remote technical assistance can be given through augmented reality and 3D models to support diagnosis. With this tool it is possible for an expert technician to help a displaced technician and work closely, being able to access information on machinery, procedures, manuals, check lists, etc., solving problems in real time.

This tool has three products; through its MARINA system, Astican uses augmented reality technology assisting the “know-how” transference with the virtual reality training as an excellent tool.

With ASTI-SCAN, 3D models based on 3D point cloud surveys and mixed reality technology which allows to recreate a design prior to build with real time visualisation at true scale and in location, reducing interference.

And with ASTICAN REASY, Remote Assistance System that allows customers and service engineers to get immediate access to the place where Astican technicians, equipped with a camera to record or take photographs, are guided to do the maintenance operations, guaranteeing connectivity even in tanks, bilges or engine rooms.

A new vision of work with a tool that helps to improve processes with technical requirements, helping to reduce lead times and decision-making avoiding travel.

Astican adapts to customer needs.