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SOERMAR Technological Center Foundation considered Astican’s project as one of the six most innovative projects presented by shipyards.

The project is a commitment to implement new technologies and to consolidate our position as a reference shipyard in the ship repair and maintenance market.

This project consists of a viability study for the conceptual design of a self-propelled gantry for the manoeuvring and assembly of tail shafts.

Specifically, the study is focused on analysing the viability of a new device to facilitate and reduce the time required for the disassembly, transfer, and assembly of tail shafts. The process is currently done manually, which limits the safety of the operators, the slowness of the process and the load and movement capacity of the means used to remove the shaft.

Astican´s main objective is to improve the safety of the operators involved in the process as well as that of the components, making it easier to move the propeller and tail shaft to the mechanical workshop. This increases the productivity of the process and reduces the number of operators involved.