Welcome to Astican’s new website!

As part of our goal for continuous improvement, we have modified our website to bring it up to date and to achieve a more interactive space in line with the latest trends.We want the new website to serve as a platform to connect our partners, be they customers, employees, institutions or friends and allow ASTICAN to become known to the public, so as to promote the creation of new relationships while strengthening existing ones.

The website provides relevant information about this major Canarian company which is open to the world: who we are, what we do, where we operate, how to contact us, etc.Specifically, you can browse the web and find our company profile, some information on our history of more than 40 years as a shipyard, a list of areas in which our clients operate, a summary of our most relevant projects and how to contact us.

The purpose of this website is to facilitate contact with the shipping industry, and to present this innovative company that has gone far beyond the traditional dockyard to position itself as the largest ship repair yard (ships, platforms and other floating artefacts) in the mid-Atlantic region.

The website will also host an interactive blog with the purpose of publishing key achievements and projects and to exchange views with the outside world, a blog which is currently being launched!

In addition, Astican provides opportunities for those who want to grow professionally (in the maritime and shipping world).

For those who are interested, we have added a career page on which we publish our current vacancies. We have created this opportunity as we also wish to discover new talent outside of the company and learn from these people.

Now it only remains for you to see the website for yourself. We at Astican hope you will have a very enjoyable experience browsing our updated site, a space that connects you to our company. 


See you soon!

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